We may be small but we are committed to giving back to our local communities. We are in the business of human resources and know that our community, our ‘people’ matter most. We aim to build strong and enduring relationships within our community and are working with community organizations and programs to do our bit. We are currently partnering with two not for profit organizations to make a small difference to our community.


We are strong believers in sustainability and in our community. Our efforts towards making Hotspot People sustainable are being realised by being responsible in everything we do and never forgetting that even the smallest things can make a great difference – from consuming less paper to using multi-purpose products.

How do we do it?

We aim to create a sustainable marketing strategy by developing effective marketing campaigns, exploring eco-friendly possibilities and using responsible resources and practices for our marketing campaigns. We partner with offset printers who are environmentally-certified and carbon neutral in every aspect of their print process, which includes the use of 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and vegetable inks, which do not produce any toxic sludge.

At our office, we reduce waste, reuse and recycle materials as much as we can. We continuously try to reduce our energy consumption by using smart devices as much as possible. We are constantly looking at ways of improving our impact to the environment and community right down to our Fairtrade coffee. We only use 100% post-consumer recycled paper and we recycle every sheet to minimize paper waste. All our business proposals, reports and invoices are delivered online via email, to reduce the overall print burden of a recruitment assignment.

You can do your bit too!

Sustainability is always on our minds and we strive to do better through ongoing research and education. To make a difference we act in a responsible way and partner with suppliers who aim to minimize their environmental impact through conscious effort.

Do your bit by partnering with us for your next recruitment assignment. That’s it. We will to automatically contribute to programs we support.

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