Permanent Recruitment

Hotspot People provides highly effective permanent recruitment solutions. Prior to commencing the search for your perfect candidate, we ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your recruitment assignment and specifications. We are very transparent and clearly outline our capabilities at the commencement of the assignment. When you work with us as a partner rather than an agency, we are able to understand your requirements better. With our strong industry networks, together with our permanent recruitment strategies, we can help you find the right candidate every time, in time. We offer full recruitment services on exclusive or contingent basis with the Hotspot three month replacement guarantee.

Shortlist Recruitment

We search an excellent shortlist of candidates for the role, ready to be interviewed by the Client. Shortlist Recruitment is for clients who want to get involved with the interviewing and assessment of highly suitable shortlisted candidates. Our shortlist recruitment approach includes from innovative job advertising to creation of a final shortlist to present to the client for interviews and hiring the right candidate.

Executive Search

Hotspot Executive search and selection is a strategic, comprehensive and a consultative approach to expertly matching professional candidates with senior appointments within the hospitality industry. Hotspot in mutual consultation will develop a proactive approach to identify suitable candidates from talent pipeline and assess the level of interest in the role. We utilise effective Headhunting technique, search process on a global platform to find the best suited candidate for the role. Our recruitment methodology along with our expertise, are underpinned by a robust team and a vast network of industry contacts. Discretion and high levels of confidentiality are key elements of the entire process.

Recruitment Services

Many of our clients also rely on us for assistance at various stages of the recruitment process rather than the entire process such as advertising, candidate interviews, reference checks, etc. at a very competitive flat fee.

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